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6th Family Office Forum

The Family Office Forum 2019 will convene regional senior investment executives from single and multi-family offices to discuss how best they should allocate their capital, how they can build robust investment teams, how they select their managers, and how they can adapt to intergenerational wealth transfer in uncertain times.

14th Asian Investment Summit

The two day event will gather more than 300 decision-makers from the region's largest insurance firms, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and government entities to discuss how institutions can react to uncertainty and long-term geopolitical tension.

8th Institutional Investment Forum Japan

More than 150 decision-makers from leading insurance companies, public and corporate pension funds, trust banks, government entities will convene at the event to determine what the future is for global portfolios.



Event Highlights


SOLVING THE DATA DILEMMA: Why are data management projects in Asia Pacific failing to deliver value?

Organizations in Asia Pacific are starting to spend more on cleaning up their data to maximize its value. Doing so is now critical as portfolios in the region are becoming more complex and diversified, which raises the risk of unintended exposures.

The data that organisations generate can offer unique intelligence to help them make better investment decisions. But it is only useful if it can be properly identified and managed within appropriate infrastructure. There are also costs associated with data management, so decisions need to be made over its storage and control.

Asia’s incoming liquidity rules: what you need to know

Liquidity is generally absent when you need it most. And with liquidity risk becoming a bigger issue in bond markets, in particular since the 2008 crisis, institutional investors in the Asia-Pacific region believe lower market liquidity is a secular shift necessitating a new investment approach.

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