Duration: 1 hour
Join this exclusive webinar co-hosted by Nasdaq and AsianInvestor to learn the best practices in tackling emerging ESG challenges - such as effectively screening, selecting and monitoring your allocations.    
Making ESG investing more sustainable
Duration: 1 hour
As investment strategies on traditional datasets have become saturated, and institutional investors face the ever-increasing challenge of finding outperformance, everyone is looking at ‘alternative data’. But what is the right data? Which can actually add value? Sentiment Data, be it from filings, news reports or even social media, is becoming an increasingly fertile ground for quantitatively-orientated investment managers to find alpha and mitigate risk. No other ‘alternative dat…
Turning market sentiment into investment strategy
Duration: 1 hour
China’s A-share assets are on a path to play an even more important role in global investors' portfolios going forward. In parallel with China’s recent regulatory changes and policy actions in various industry sectors, the country retains a powerful economic influence on the world. At the same time, the government is pursuing balanced growth and free financial markets, plus monetary and fiscal easing is likely during 2022.   Yet getting the right exposure to China is challenging…
Balancing growth and sustainability in China
Duration: 2 hours
With flexible mandates and a patient approach to capital, family offices are increasingly focused on the value-add that digital assets can offer. As a store of wealth, an effective diversifier and a potential source of alpha, cryptocurrencies and similar instruments are gaining traction. In today’s landscape, in particular, these assets can mitigate risks from higher inflation, prolonged low rates and other macro dynamics. To capture such benefits, it is essential for family off…
Family Office Digital Assets Exchange 2021 - Carving out a role for crypto returns
Duration: 2 hours
Understanding the long-term impact of sweeping structural shifts in societies, economies and the physical environment has never been more important for SWFs and government funds. The ever-larger size and scope of their portfolios demands a constant reexamination of their capabilities, resources and strategies. But against a backdrop of economic uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, new technologies and evolving investment themes – coupled with an ongoing desire for higher yields, …
SWF & Government Investment Fund Exchange 2021 - Rethinking portfolios for a new tomorrow
Duration: 1 hour
Planning portfolios and asset allocation in the current environment is increasingly challenging. But with sweeping transformations to societies and economies globally, investors’ focus has shifted from traditional sectors to themes likely to shape tomorrow’s world. As investors try to identify winning strategies for 2022, and beyond, passive instruments that offer exposure to emerging technologies are seeing strong inflows. From AI, machine learning and robotics, to 5G, intelligen…
Taking a thematic route to long-term returns
Duration: 2 hours
As nimble, pragmatic and innovative investors, family offices in Asia are looking to take advantage of the disruptive forces reshaping assets, sectors and markets across the region.   This targeted event will bring together key SFOs and experienced MFOs via our virtual platform. They will participate in timely dialogue and debate about how to adapt to the investment landscape as economies and societies emerge from Covid-19.  A combination of practical case studies, one-on-one co…
Family Office Investment Insights
Duration: 1 hour
The far-reaching influence of digitalisation across sectors and markets in the wake of Covid-19 has brought with it an increasingly worrying threat for companies of all types and sizes: cyber attacks. As the impact of cloud computing grows on business and personal activities, digital security is an all-pervasive trend that companies – and investors – must consider. Yet this headwind also poses wide ranging opportunities. In this engaging and timely session, two experienced indus…
Keeping pace with a new digital landscape
Duration: 90 minutes
The key stakeholders in the investment ecosystem undoubtedly paid significant attention to ESG last year during the Covid-19 pandemic, while regulators across the globe continue to urge asset owners and asset managers to factor sustainability issues into their investments. Most professional investors are now clarifying their motives and strategies for implementing ESG, even though these are not simple black-and-white decisions in many cases. On the organisation level, increasing num…
ESG: the New Pillar of Asset Allocation
Duration: 60 minutes
Investors globally are striving for as much clarity as possible to shape and support their portfolio planning. As the unparalleled uncertainty over the past 12 months in macroeconomics and financial markets continues to linger, it is more important than ever to be able to make well-informed investment decisions. Across asset classes, sectors and geographies, effective early warning signals play an essential role in helping investors translate data into actionable insights. This …
Early warning signals: planning your portfolio in a new era
Duration: 11:00am HKT / SGT
This webinar will be conducted in Mandarin Regulatory reform in China in 2020 further opened its markets to overseas institutional investors. The removal of QFII and RQFII investment quotas, and the lifting of overseas ownership limits in the mutual fund sector have attracted foreign asset managers to set up WFOEs and apply for onshore mutual fund licenses. Together with the quick economic recovery from the pandemic and relatively healthy returns from China A-shares, more instit…
The unique challenges of modelling equity risk in China