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The future of finance is digital – COOs weigh in

Building on the results of a survey of over 250 COOs in 15 countries conducted at the end of last year, AsianInvestor spoke to COOs at leading firms about how their remit and priorities have changed following the pandemic – and whether that means broadening the scope in their involvement in initiatives such as change management and technology implementation.

The Case for a Dedicated China Equities Allocation

A China equities allocation makes sense when considering global growth, consumerism, foreign investment and the potential for higher returns. As an institutional investor or investment professional, being exposed to China has traditionally been an ancillary outcome of a decision to own emerging market (EM) equities. However, we believe there are potential return and risk benefits from considering China as an independent allocation.

Holding Gold: From crisis response to long-term returns

Long considered a safe-haven in troubling times, gold can provide liquidity and protection in risk-off scenarios - especially during systemic events affecting multiple regions and industries. It also provides a cost-effective hedging function compared to other options. Yet investors often still have reservations when it comes to adding or increasing gold exposure in their portfolios.

Asian tourism: The long road ahead

Compared to global peers, Asia’s travel and tourism sector appears better positioned to weather the lingering challenges in a post-Covid world. Amid international travel restrictions, domestic tourism shows signs of recovery - while talk of regional travel bubbles brings hope to the industry. This is the final instalment in Eastspring’s Asian Expert Series, exploring the future of Asia post Covid-19.

Asian financials: Bracing for challenges

Asian banks are in a stronger position now compared to the 2008 crisis; however, the longer it takes for economic recovery post Covid-19, the greater the likelihood of consolidation within the sector. Areas of concern include asset quality, profitability and the pace of digitisation. Operational and financial resilience will be the keys to success.

E-commerce: driving Asia’s next leg of growth

This is the fourth of six articles in Eastspring’s Asian Expert Series, which explores the future of Asia post Covid-19. Robust logistics networks, a rising middle class, improving financial infrastructure and rapid innovation will fuel the region’s e-commerce revenues, which will in turn drive GDP growth, productivity and economic inclusion in Asia.