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Making the most of alternative data

In today’s fast-paced trading environment, there is growing demand for unique data streams to help guide investment decisions. In a recent webinar, AsianInvestor spoke to experts in the field of alternative data to gain a more in-depth understanding of the latest available options, from geotagging to sentiment analysis through natural language processing, and other unique sources of alpha.

Taming digital assets for institutional exposure

The development of institutional grade financial infrastructure such as exchanges and custody arrangements has made digital assets more accessible to traditional fund houses, ETF issuers and other types of investors. Yet more consideration is needed about how to allocate to these assets and also mitigate the risks.

European listed real estate offers opportunities

Studies show that when comparing the long-term returns of listed and unlisted real estate vehicles based on the same underlying assets, the listed sector is an effective proxy for direct property investment. However, listed real estate (LRE) has the benefit of higher transparency, diversification, unmatched liquidity and a lower hurdle to global access compared to direct property.

Emerging market corporate debt, explained

In a recent webinar, AsianInvestor spoke to top experts on emerging market (EM) corporate debt to get a better sense of the opportunities, risks and rewards that investors should be familiar with. To continue the conversation, we followed up with panelists to further explore some key issues.

Green and ESG bonds: what’s behind their rise?

The past year has seen something of a growth spurt for green bonds, with the market heading toward the $1 trillion milestone, according to data from the Climate Bonds Initiative and Bloomberg. It has also seen the emergence of social bonds, used for social investments with aims such as expanding access to healthcare and education. As well as significant government bond launches, there has been increased issuance from the corporate sector and from a wider range of businesses and industries.

Asset owners eye infrastructure to fill yield gap

Across Asia Pacific, investment appetite among insurers, pension funds and other institutions bodes well for unlisted infrastructure – especially sustainable assets in Asia, within mandates managed by professionals with experience, finds the latest survey by AsianInvestor and QIC.

ESG in APAC: Private Markets for Public Good

Global trends and research overwhelmingly show that private equity firms regard ESG as of growing importance, with firms based in Europe leading the way. However, Asia Pacific is a notable hotspot in the growth of ESG-awareness in the private markets, with firms proactively seeking out initiatives to improve ESG performance. Liam Woods, Apex APAC Head of Business Development, reflects on these drivers of greater ESG prominence in 2020, predicting that 2021 will be the year in which ESG will become more than just a ‘box ticking’ exercise for private equity in Asia Pacific.

The future of finance is digital – COOs weigh in

Building on the results of a survey of over 250 COOs in 15 countries conducted at the end of last year, AsianInvestor spoke to COOs at leading firms about how their remit and priorities have changed following the pandemic – and whether that means broadening the scope in their involvement in initiatives such as change management and technology implementation.

The Case for a Dedicated China Equities Allocation

A China equities allocation makes sense when considering global growth, consumerism, foreign investment and the potential for higher returns. As an institutional investor or investment professional, being exposed to China has traditionally been an ancillary outcome of a decision to own emerging market (EM) equities. However, we believe there are potential return and risk benefits from considering China as an independent allocation.