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The top tech trends to drive returns in 2022

From machine learning and robotics to 5G and cybersecurity, investors are eyeing the next big tech-led themes to shape their portfolio allocations. To shed light on the trends to watch, speakers from Nasdaq, China Asset Management and Cathay Securities identify new opportunities – and how to access them.

Asia outlook 2022: Investing in a climate of change

Over the next 12 months, investors in Asia will likely contend with a fast-moving investment landscape shaped by China’s increasing focus on sustainability alongside the tenor of macroeconomic policies and the path of inflation. PineBridge Investments’ specialists offer their views on what investors can expect in 2022 and the opportunities arising from this confluence of changes.

Beyond Profit: How a multi-asset lens helps achieve returns alongside creating positive impact

As more multi-asset portfolios integrate sustainability, such portfolios’ ability to navigate short-term swings in performance is enhanced without sacrificing longer term returns, says Schroders’ Jason Yu. In this Beyond Profit series, the firm explores both investing in sustainability-driven sectors and incorporating ESG considerations in the investment process.