SG targets Singapore with European tech fund

Accelerating corporate restructuring and venture capital inflows into Europe will be key to SG new fund''s success.

Banking on continued growth driven by tech stocks, SG Asset Management today takes the bold step of offering Singaporeans a European tech fund that promises a100% capital guarantee after 36 months of investment.
Pitching the Singapore market where there is a lack of Europe-focused tech funds, SG hopes investors who are ambivalent about the US market will be attracted to the fund.
Despite the tech sector's turbulent record, Mahendran Nathan, senior vice president of marketing at SG, is upbeat about further growth prospects.
"Technology is currently the most powerful force transforming the European economy," he says. "Growth is driven by consumer demand and by a necessity for companies to integrate new technologies in their strategy. We believe that companies which know how to take advantage of these opportunities will be tomorrow's stock-market winners."
Fund manager Andrew Jackson comments that accelerating corporate restructuring and venture capital inflows will be key to establishing a vibrant European technology market.
Distributed by Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and managed by SG's team of tech analysts and alternative investment fund managers in the UK and France, the fund will be open for investment until 29 December. Apart from tech securities, the fund will also invest in fixed income and money-market instruments.