Across Asia Pacific, individual and institutional investors are increasingly getting to grips with the use of environmental, social and governance principles when making investors. This is also leading them to give greater thought to the approaches of the investment advisers that they use, including their motivations and the level of fiduciary integrity to the services they provide. 

These are pressing issues, as many financial advisers have competing motivations when offering investment services, including their need to meet sales targets versus satisfying the investment needs of their clients and (in certain countries) not falling afoul of local regulator demands for fiduciary behaviour. 

To consider how Asia Pacific's investment industry ethics is viewed, CFA Institute teams up with its associated CFA Societies of Asia Pacific to ask investors a set of questions about their view about how well and honestly they do their jobs, and the key ethical challenges they face. 

The full Data Centre breakdown of the results can be found be using this link.