In the July edition of Asian Investor magazine, we unveil the 2015 rankings of the top 300 asset owners in Asia Pacific.

Now in its 13th year, the AI300 is the most definitive survey of the region’s biggest investors. It includes data on pension funds, central banks, local asset managers and the various sovereign funds across the region. Our research covers the entire region, including China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

All eyes may be on China right now, but this year’s AI300 survey shows there is plenty of asset growth occurring right across the Asia Pacific region.  The AI300 has charted the emergence of Asia as a source of significant investable assets. Not surprisingly, the dominance of China and Japan continues in this year's survey rankings and this is likely to remain the case for the foreseeable future. The two investing giant nations of the region represent 20 of the top 25 investors in the AI300, with the People’s Bank of China retaining the Number 1 spot.

The current total assets figure for the AI300 is now $36.6 trillion. 

The AI300 Top 10 2015

               Institution                                    Market                        2015 AUM($m)           

1            People's Bank of China             China                          3,730,000           

2            Japan Post Bank                        Japan                          1,471,851           

3            ICBC                                             China                           1,456,926           

4            Agricultural Bank of China       China                           1,259,157           

5            Bank of Japan                            Japan                           1,245,800           

6            China Construction Bank         China                            1,225,157           

7            GPIF                                             Japan                            1,195,839          

8            Bank of China                             China                           1,088,906           

9            Postal Savings Bank                 China                             966,702           

10          Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi        Japan                              781,932

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