How to win our service provider awards

We explain the process for awards related to custody, sub-custody, fund administration, securities financing, transition management and outsourcing.

Our 2010 Service Provider Awards are under way. An important area of coverage is asset servicing, and here we outline our process. Tomorrow we will provide similar information for awards related to index providers, lawyers and accountants.

The process for prime brokers and trading & execution is different, as it involves first surveying buy-side clients. Our trading & execution survey is already under way, and the prime broking survey will follow in the next few weeks.

To win an AsianInvestor award for asset services involves three steps:

1. Indication of interest (IoI). Tell us which categories (see below) your organisation would like to compete in. With a total of 15 categories, we will limit each organisation to five IoIs, so think about where your true strengths lie. We will consider an additional category if we are missing something, but please note, our aim is to give awards that are comprehensive, authoritative and valued; it’s not ‘prizes for all’! IoIs must be received by noon on Friday, September 10. Feel free to contact me to ensure your IoIs have been received.

2. Written pitch. Firms will be asked to submit a written pitch if they have submitted an indication of interest. This material should be considered public. It lays out the case for why your organisation deserves the award. All submissions must be in Word document format.

No supplemental material will be accepted except for client testimonials from the buy side in Asia-Pacific. These will be treated with strict confidence and will be considered as off the record, but we do need to know the name of the client. We will also accept referrals instead of something in writing.

Submissions (not including testimonials) are limited to 1,000 words. If it exceeds 1,000 words, we will delete anything following the thousandth word. You should not feel the need to fill it out to the maximum word count; clarity of argument is more important than length.

However, you do need to submit a separate pitch for each award you bid for.

We welcome information regarding growth in your business in terms of clientele, client segments, and addressable assets; product innovation; infrastructure improvements; credit ratings; market leadership; investment into your business. We will consider activities from Q4 2009 to the present.

Mere size isn’t enough: we want to know what you have done for your clients and for the market in 2010 that makes this your standout year. You can be more ‘out of the box’ with the marquee award for Asset Servicer of the Year. (Note, we are not accepting IoIs/pitches for Custodian Banker of the Year.)

Pitches must be submitted to me by noon, Friday September 24. We will not be accepting late entries. Feel free to contact me to ensure I have received your submission.

3. Interviews. These will take place over the course of the following three weeks on the following dates:

Singapore, October 6 and October 8 (face-to-face meetings only)

Hong Kong, October 11-14 (face-to-face or by telephone)

These can be set up in advance but we must receive your written pitch on time for the interview to go ahead. Interviews are off the record and are meant to put your formal pitch in context.

The winners will be announced online later in October and the awards will be presented at a black-tie dinner at the Hong Kong JW Marriott on Wednesday, November 24. The awards for ‘Best Asset Service Provider’ and ‘Custodian Banker of the Year’ (for an individual) will be announced on the night.

Award categories. Note that all awards cover Asia-Pacific markets unless otherwise noted.

1. Best asset service provider

2. Best global custodian (asset servicing, clearing, settlement, cash management, data provision including performance and compliance reporting)

3. Best fund administrator (fund accounting, transfer agency) – long-only

4. Best fund administrator – hedge funds/private equity

5. Best securities financing (securities lending, collateral management)

6. Best transition management services

7. Best outsourcing services (middle office, risk management, trade processing)

8. Best direct custody (or sub-custody or local custody; local market access and asset servicing) – Japan

9. Best direct custody – China

10. Best direct custody – India

11. Best direct custody – Middle East

12. Best direct custody – South Korea

13. Best direct custody – Southeast Asia

14. Best direct custody – Taiwan

15. Custodian banker of the year (no indication of interest/pitches required)

Note: AsianInvestor does not cover corporate finance-related business, because our mission is to inform asset owners and investment managers. Therefore we do not have awards for depository receipts, corporate trust or broker clearing. We do not cover Australia/New Zealand except in a regional context.

Thank you for your participation – and good luck!

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