Frog takes name of hedge fund manager

A new species of small brown frog has been discovered in Vietnam and named after ADM Capital's Rob Appleby.

The charitable ADM Capital Foundation -- backed by the eponymous distressed/special-situations fund -- has revealed that the efforts it sponsors in Vietnam have resulted in the discovery of a new species of frog.

Discovered by Dr Jodi Rowley, the amphibian takes the name of Rob Appleby, chief investment officer at Hong Kong-based ADM Capital. It is to be called 'Appleby's Asian toad', or in Latin 'Leptolalax applebyi' .

The foundation has been the architect of several good deeds, including commissioning a report on air pollution in Hong Kong and paying for a facility for kids in Cambodia.

The debutant frog is brownish and two centimetres long, makes a high-pitched squeaking noise like a cricket and hides under rotting leaves most of the day. (So it does have certain characteristics in common with Appleby.)

The ADM Capital Foundation is celebrating its discovery at a bar in Hong Kong this week. Presumably frogs' legs are on the menu. (They are best pan-fried until golden-brown.)

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