The need for institutional investors across Asia and the world to source better returns is becoming a cliche, yet the requirement is very real. And this need has only been underscored by the rise of equity valuations to very peaky-looking levels in 2017, particularly in the US, while bond yields remain at relative lows, on a historical basis. 

That is increasingly leading asset owners to seek opportunities in private equity. Many begin as limited partners in funds, and move to become co-investors as they become more confident. But this interest is causing its own issues, with private equity players being inundated with funds, which is causing them to cut back on limited partner allocations, as we reported on Wednesday (January 23). 

Coller Capital conducted a survey that asked questions of the interests of institutional investors across the world in private equity. AsianInvestor took some of the most interesting findings, particularly from regional asset owners, and presents them here, in our Data Centre feature. 

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Data Centre is a regular article that is featured in AsianInvestor's bi-monthly magazine.