Last year's volatility in equities and this year's uncertainty over the strength of the global economy have left investors with allocation headaches. More investors are putting money into safer bonds, particularly amid fears that central banks will cut interest rates that aren't already in negative territory. 

Those problems have led even more asset owners to consider the possibilities in private assets. But as Preqin’s Investor Update for the Second Half of 2019 reveals, these are not a panacea to all investing issues.

The data provider's study canvassed the views of global institutional investors to find out how they felt about the performance of their alternative investments, and how they could change their allocations in the coming months. It found that, overall, investors believe that alternative assets are set to outperform amid the difficulties facing equities and bonds, but that they are generally concerned about performance in the future. 

Those concerns are causing asset owners to reweigh which alternative assets are most likely to outperform, and which could suffer due to a deluge of investment commitments. 

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