Trading and execution poll results suggest photo finish

Our update on all the trading and execution poll categories, from full-service to execution-only, from algorithms to trading venue and systems.

AsianInvestor's survey of the best service providers in the field of trading and execution is creating some interesting races as we near the finish line. We are asking traders from the buy-side to let us know the best providers in broking, algos, trading, transition management and several other important fields. Here's a sneak peak at which firms are starting to gather enough votes to clear the final hurdle. The poll will remain open for this week.

Best full-service broker: Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank are in the lead and showing good form. Credit Suisse and UBS are making a break for it in the outside lanes. No trophies for place or show!

Best execution-only broker: We received a lot of votes for firms that we'd consider full service. True, they can also execute, but the spirit was intended for those shops without a prop desk. To that end, ITG, Mainfirst, Instinet, ICAP and Cantor Fitzgerald are running as a pack.

Best exchange for algorithmic/electronic trading: Hong Kong Exchanges and Tokyo Stock Exchange are out front. The alternative venues -- ITG, BlocSec, Chi-X -- are fading. Morgan Stanley's dark pool could surprise.

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Best exchange for block trading: Hong Kong Exchanges is showing fine pace. Liquidnet likely to place. Crossfinder not meeting expectations.

Best algorithms: Morgan Stanley first out of the gate, but ITG, Nomura and Credit Suisse make this race too close to call.

Best FX services: Citi and Morgan Stanley at a trot. JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank and UBS starting to compensate for poor gate position.

Best program trading house: A crowded field, no standouts. CLSA, UBS, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutche Bank, Instinet, Nomura, Citi all jostling on the inside turn.

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Best block trading house: JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley a neck ahead of the rest. Likely down to a two-horse race unless someone breaks out of the pack in style.

Best futures trading services: Goldman, Nomura, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Macquarie all possible shows, but winner may depend on jockey skill.

Best transition manager: This particular category is a hybrid as we are also asking custodians and consultants to pitch in a separate process. The intention here is to highlight those brokers with the best service in Asia. So far Morgan Stanley, State Street Global Markets, Nomura and Credit Suisse are showing the best form.

Best high touch/sales trading team: Morgan Stanley has the front to itself but Credit Suisse, UBS and Deutsche Bank are promising a close finish.

Best smart order routing: Credit Suisse and ITG showing good form, with Nomura and UBS keeping pace. Mitsubishi UFJ the dark horse.

Best trading system: ITG by a leg, Credit Suisse by a nose. Can Bloomberg, Tora or Morgan Stanley cause the upset?

Best risk-management system: Crowded field, frankly none showing great form, but possible to place include Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Credit Suisse and MSCI Barra.

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