AsianInvestor today announces its third set of recipients of its seventh annual Institutional Excellence Awards, which are designed to recognise the region's leading asset owners in terms of their capabilities and investing prowess across Asia Pacific. 

This set of awards focuses on specific capabilities or proficiencies of asset owners, and it concludes this year's set of excellence awards. Please click here to see the first set of awards, which revealed the winning institutional organisations by market, and click here to see this year's winners by institutional type.  

This year we recategorised our proficiency awards to better identify some of the key areas of importance to asset owners as financial markets, investor responsibilities and technology continues to evolve and environmental, social and governance considerations take centre stage.

In addition, we chose to offer a one-time unique award that recognises the asset owner that was most responsive to the Covid-19 pandemic in their operations. 


Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (Australia)

National Pension Service (Korea)

China Pacific Insurance Company (China)

Future Fund (Australia)

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (Australia)

Benjamin Rudd, Prudential Hong Kong

These awards are not designed merely to choose the most advanced investors in each institutional investor class, but to recognise asset owners that continue to push themselves to improve, or to make deliberative efforts to become more sophisticated, process-driven investors with an eye towards long-term returns. 

To decide on the recipients of these awards, our editorial team requested direct input from an array of leading asset owners across the region. We then discussed these nominations with a panel of  expert anonymous judges, drawn from the Asia investment industry. In addition, we canvassed the views of senior executives at fund management firms, consultancies, banks and other service providers, and conducted internal research, before making our final decisions. 

AsianInvestor would like to thank our judges for their time and candour, along with the many people throughout the region who helped us in this awards process.

Complete write-ups explaining our decisions and profiling these institutions will appear online early in 2021, and will also be presented in the Winter 2020/2021 print edition of AsianInvestor.

Winners who are interested in receiving a physical award or wish to have logo rights to help publicise news of their success should speak to AsianInvestor's publisher Tom Griffin, at [email protected].