As the world's attention begins to rise on the dangers of extreme weather events, fears about an enroaching climate crisis are beginning to rise. 

That is raising the pressure on asset owners to demonstrate their commitment to combating climate change, and underscoring the region's increasing engagement with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concepts. 

As a recent survey by Cerulli Associates reveals, more of the region's institutional investors are actively implementing, or looking to implement, types of ESG engagement. Many are also increasing the level of internal resources they have in ESG, to better coordinate the implementation of the principles, particularly when it comes to the external managers they work with. 

The investors are also seeking to introduce ESG engagement to varying degrees, and via a broadening array of asset classes. ESG is no longer seen purely as an equities portfolio pursuit; increasingly asset owners are looking to add it into debt and even alternative asset classes. 

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