Don't Miss Key Note Speaker
"Investment Outlook for 2002"

Conference Agenda

Tuesday 26th March
  • "Investment Outlook for 2002" DAVID ROCHE
  • Analysing Global Trends In The Hedge Fund Industry
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Capitalizing on Hedge Fund Growth in the Asia - Pacific Region
  • Analysing Current Regulatory Initiatives - SFC, Hong Kong
  • Examining the Role of Funds of Hedge Funds as an Investment Vehicle for Japan's Institutional Investors
  • East Asia Economic Outlook: Scenarios and Surprises
  • Performance Comparisons Between Asian Hedge Funds and Other Universes
  • INTERACTIVE DEBATE - Hedge Fund Appetite in Asia: A Reality Check
  • Structuring Your Investment Portfolio: Reviewing and Selecting
  • Alternatives and Strategies within a Hedge Fund - CASE STUDIES
     Private Equity  Distressed Debt
     Long / Short Convertible Bond Arbitrage
     Guaranteed Structured Products  Exchange Traded Funds

Wednesday 27th March

  • KEY NOTE: What Role is There for Asia Hedge Funds?
    Catering to the Demands and Overcoming the Objections of Regional Investors MICHAEL SOFAER
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Niche, New and Interesting Opportunities for Alternative Investment in Asia
     Pan-Asia Fund of Fund  Thailand Hedge Fund
     Indonesian Private Equity  Korean Hedge Fund
  • Funds Of Hedge Funds: Examining The New Investment Direction In Asia - Will Funds of Hedge Funds Become the Vehicle of Choice?
  • Fund Research and Selecting a Hedge Fund Manager
  • The Distributor's Story: Asset Allocation
  • Positioning Alternative Investments In Your Traditional Portfolio and Determining the Right Mix
  • Evaluating and Rating Hedge Funds in Asia and Abroad for Increased Transparency and Risk Control
  • Tax Considerations in Setting up a Hedge Fund in Asia

Hedge Funds Are Hot

2001 saw a boom in investor appetite for hedge funds. Over US$20 bn. of new money flowed into hedge funds world-wide - over twice as much as in the whole of 1999 and 2000 put together.

Asia Alternative Investment Managament 2002
Coinciding with the
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