AsianInvestor invites nominations for awards to be given to deserving alternative investment managers in the following categories.

Manager of the year - alternative investments
Private equity house
Real estate house
Infrastructure house
Fund of hedge funds
Fund of private-equity funds

Note that for individual hedge-fund strategies, we are shortlisting our own sets of candidates, but we welcome hedge funds to compete for ‘manager of the year’ by pitching us.

We request that a nomination is accompanied by a brief rationale (no more than 700 words please; 1,500 for manager of the year), explaining the reasoning why the candidate firm merits recognition. This is due Tuesday, April 12. Send it to [email protected].

This pitch might include historical performance that extends back further than 2010.

Other information should include a reasoning of why this particular firm should be recognised, and why its investment capabilities, franchise and/or client base is a powerful one in Asia.

Firms are encouraged to nominate and pitch on their own behalf. AsianInvestor also welcomes suggestions/nominations from third parties. We will follow up in more detail with all firms. Anonymity is assured.

Last year, the winners were:

CLSA Capital Partners, for private equity
MGPA, for real estate
CIMB Standard, for infrastructure
Persistent Asset, for fund of hedge funds
LGT Capital Partners, for fund of private-equity funds
CQS, manager of the year - alternatives