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Amid global growth in fixed income ETFs, RMB bond index funds have shown rapid growth in the past three years. By the end of June 2020, there were 133 domestic bond index funds with a total value of ¥455.5 bn in China - 23 times greater than in 2018 - and 27 overseas-listed RMB bond ETFs with a total value of ¥53.6 bn, 99% of which comprised Chinese government bonds and policy bank bond ETFs.
Indexed investment – New perspectives on China’s bond market
UOB Asset Management was named Best Asia Fund House of the Year in our most recent Asset Management Awards. The exclusive interview with Boon Kiat Thio (Group CEO of UOB Asset Management) and Vana Bulbon (CEO of UOB Asset Management Thailand) uncovers the key priorities for the business moving forward.
Going forward with UOB Asset Management