Robeco's Asia-Pacific CIO Arnout van Rijn joined AsianInvestor for a live webcast discussion on the outlook for Asia-Pacific equity markets in 2012.

Among the topics covered were the prospects of a China property collapse and whether that would wreck the financial stability of Chinese banks, potentially sending a shudder through global markets.

Van Rijn also offered his views on valuation potential in Asian stocks and currencies, and explained how Robeco incorporates corporate governance into its stock selection process.

Speaking for a firm with its headquarters in Rotterdam, van Rijn also provided key insights into Robeco’s expectations for the eurozone crisis and how that impacts his Asia-Pacific views.

Plus, as manager of Robeco’s Asia-Pacific fund, van Rijn investigates stocks himself and as such offered stock tips as well as answering a long list of listener queries in a Q&A session at the end.

To listen to this webinar, which can also be accessed via AsianInvestor’s website at, please click here.