DST Global Solutions and AsianInvestor hosted a live webcast recently to explore the factors shaping performance and risk functions of the future.

The performance measurement function is evolving with the needs of investors, regulators and internal teams, who are requiring a greater depth of analytics and more timely risk-adjusted return calculations.

Nearly all investment decisions require a combination of both risk and return information, as investors and investment teams are keen to understand drivers of performance in the context of their risk profile and exposures.

This webinar brings together performance and risk professionals to discuss how performance and risk teams can respond to changing requirements to deliver value to investors and the front office. It covers topics including:

  • the implications of these changing demands for performance measurement and risk analysts;
  • the role outsourcing can play in a modern performance and/or risk function; and
  • whether there is a case for merging the performance measurement and risk function.

The participants were Katie Kiss, global solutions manager for performance at DST Global Solutions; Andrew Kophamel, head of performance for Asia Pacific at Aberdeen Asset Management; and Venkatesh Narasiah, chief operating officer for Asia Pacific at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.

To listen to the discussion please click here.