USA and Germany in prime broking battle of the bulge

The polls are still open in AsianInvestorÆs prime broking survey, and this exercise in hedge-democracy is proving to be a war of attrition.

The polls have been open for two weeks, and we have had a record number of responses to our third annual Prime Broking Poll. 230 respondents have answered the poll to date. Thanks to all of you who have voted.

Until Thursday morning, Germany was dominant, with Deutsche Bank voters coming to the poll booth in heavy numbers. However, Morgan Stanley has received a tsunami of votes in the last few days and the Yanks are now in the lead in the institutional categories.

Tussling for third place are UBS and last year's winner Goldman Sachs.

Receiving votes in the 'write in' box is "Asia's home-grown prime broker" Nomura, which is setting up its shop with its team of former Lehman Brothers prime brokers ('Nomuraman Securibrothers' ?). Some voters, presumably ones who have been in cryogenic suspension for the last year, are voting for "Lehman", but we know who they mean.

Bringing up the rear of the poll at the moment is Barclays Capital, with virtually no votes at all.

Deutsche Bank staff are currently still in the lead in individual categories, as the Morgan Stanley vote has been split among its plethora of all-star staff. 

Winning in the category "If you were to add another prime broker, which one?" is Goldman, followed by Morgan Stanley. (Unfortunately there's no prize for winning this classification, save the likelihood and consolation of winning more business).

Our service provider Hall of Fame, which honours old soldiers in the industry, has gotten slightly less votes than the other categories at present, so we encourage you to vote in that classification. We'll announce the winner on the night, so we're keeping this race closer to our chest.

The polls will remain open throughout August and the results will be announced along with other service provider awards in September. It's winner-take-all for desirable crystal and silver trophies to be awarded at a posh dinner with good food and plenty of Jesus Juice, being held in Hong Kong at the JW Marriott on 15 October -- timed with ominous prescience before bonus discussions take place.

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