Paul Smith, Asia's 'Sultan of Seed', is spreading his love towards Australia with the announcement in late December that his Triple A Partners business is linking up with Damien Hatfield's Sydney-based Hatfield Advisors.

As part of the nuptials, Hatfield Advisors will take the name of Triple A Partners Australia. However, the businesses remain owned by their original partners, there is no share swap, nor is there any cash dowry payable.

Under a joint-venture agreement, Hatfield and his team will distribute the Triple A bench of hedge funds in Australia. They include funds from Enhanced Investment Products, Reech AIM Partners, VAM Funds and Lanterne Strategic Investors. Triple A, in turn, will help to distribute Hatfield's stable of Australian funds globally.

"I believe the Triple A name will enhance marketing efforts in Australia, and we can leverage off the bigger infrastructure they possess," says Hatfield, who will take a seat on Triple A's management committee.

Alternatives 'Queen Bee' Joanne Murphy, who tackles marketing at Triple A in Hong Kong, tells us that an announcement will be made soon about Triple A's seeding ventures for 2010.