AsianInvestor would like to hear your views on what will happen in the markets this year and what developments you anticipate in Asia’s asset management industry.

Will the US dollar continue its rise and what will the impact on currencies and emerging markets be? Where will the oil price end the year, and what will happen to global bond markets if the US Federal Reserve raises rates? 

We also ponder what will happen to money-market funds in China, how mutual fund passporting will develop and whether active investing will regain lost ground from the passive side.

In AsianInvestor’s forthcoming February issue we will ask and answer 10 key questions for the region’s asset management industry to consider. In association we have just launched a five-minute poll consisting of multiple-choice questions. 

The better your response rate, the greater value and insight we can deliver in our coverage. The aggregate results will also be published in our February 2015 edition. All answers are strictly confidential.

To access the quick survey, please click here.