The Temujin Asia Focused Fund will launch in the first quarter of 2009 and targets an initial size of $50 million. The hedge fund is managed by Temujin Global Asset Management and is based in Hong Kong

It operates a three-way multistrategy product, comprising of Asian macro, equity long/short and equity derivatives. The allocation between strategies will reflect the CIO's current opinion on market conditions. As a way to enhance alpha, Temujin is confident that it can get access to IPOs and PIPEs as a result of the foundersÆ networks in China via the state-owned enterprise reform programme there.

The fund aims for an annual return of 15-20%, with a Sharpe Ratio of 1.25 and target volatility of 10-15%. The management fee is 2% and the performance fee is 20% with a high-water mark. Redemption is available on 90 days notice.

The firm was founded by CIO Thomas Hoo, who used to run proprietary trading groups within Deutsche Bank. Raymond Li is handling Greater China relationships, and the third founder Rick Hao is tackling Greater China investor relations. Heading risk management and operations is Kenneth Dooley who was formerly a partner at Shengruihe, a China-based investment and risk management consultancy.

The service providers are Citi and Barclays Capital as prime brokers, Simmons and Simmons and Maples and Calder as lawyers and Citi as fund administrators.

Temujin is of course the birth name of the great Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan. Due to his potency and virility, it is a genealogical assumption that 8% of Asian men (and logically, 8% of Asian women as well) alive today possess traces of Genghis KhanÆs DNA.