Standard Chartered Bank has expanded its fund services coverage to 10 full-service centre locations throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea.

The bank's core fund services capabilities and activities have also been enhanced with the roll out of new so-called best of breed systems for accounting and alternative fund investor servicing.

These enhancements are aimed at providing clients with single- and multi-market solutions across an increased product and asset range together with improved local language and customised reporting. The services are developed for the bankÆs client base of asset managers and insurance companies in Asia.

Alastair Pow, global product head of fund services at Standard Chartered Bank, says the group is growing market share this year by supporting clients with the solutions and advice they need.

ôWe will continue to strengthen our strong focus on Asia's investment industry and to add to our people bench strength,ö says Pow.

Standard Chartered BankÆs securities services focuses on custody, sub-custody and fund administration across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It is part of the bankÆs transaction banking business, which also provides cash management and trade services.

The bankÆs securities services clients comprise of global custodians, broker-dealers, and international and local institutional investors from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As a sub-custodian, the bankÆs services include securities settlement, safekeeping of securities, monitoring and action of corporate events, proxy voting and provision of market information. The bankÆs fund services û extended primarily to local investment managers û comprise of daily valuation, segregation of assets, consolidated reporting, cash analysis and forecasting, as well as reconciliation of cash positions and securities records.