One minute with: Mark Konyn, AIA

In the first of what will be regular interviews with key industry figures about their personal likes and dislikes, we hear from Mark Konyn, chief investment officer of insurer AIA.
One minute with: Mark Konyn, AIA

Mark Konyn, chief investment officer of Hong Kong-based insurance group AIA, is a veteran of Asia's investment industry, having worked in the region since 1989. A native of the UK, he assumed his current role in September last year after three-and-a-half years as chief executive of Cathay Conning Asset Management. He previously spent around 14 years at RCM, part of Allianz Global Investors, and has also worked for Fidelity and Prudential.

AsianInvestor: What’s your favourite restaurant, and why?
MK: More often than not I can be seen in the Hong Kong Club, where I have been a member since 1998. The food and beverage are at the highest of international standards.

What’s your favourite hotel, and why?
The Peninsula in Shanghai is one of my favourites.

Which movie have you enjoyed recently? 
I very much enjoyed The Big Short recently. The characterisation and acting was exceptional and it maintained a sense of humour throughout, despite the subject matter being very serious.

Which film(s) would count to among your favourites?
I have a number of all-time favourite films. These include Dr Strangelove for capturing the mood of an era and a staggeringly good lead actor in Peter Sellers. 

I am not a sci-fi enthusiast, but the dystopian epic that is Bladerunner is a movie I have watched over a dozen times.

Which sport(s) do you enjoy watching and/or playing?
I jog most days and watch football often. I am an avid supporter of [English premier league club] West Ham. 

What’s your favourite country and/or city?
Holidays in the south of France take some beating.

Where would you most like to visit, and why?
Argentina. It’s the one place my wife loves and I have not been.

What’s the best business book you’ve read?
I seldom read business books but I like finance books. The Great Depression by [John Kenneth] Galbraith has been a constant source of reference.

What’s your favourite drink?
Gin and tonic.

Do you have any pet peeves?

What’s your favourite place to stay in the world?
Israel, because of its sense of history and significance, coupled with [being host to] the best modern city on the Mediterranean [Tel Aviv], with great food, people and hospitality.

What’s your favourite band, composer or DJ?

What do you sing in the shower?
Hurricane by Bob Dylan.

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