JPMorgan tweaks debt operations

DCM co-heads Marc Jones and Paul Bartlett gain Japan.

The changes reflect a new management structure being implemented by Asian chairman Ralph Parks, who has begun to integrate Japan into the greater Asia-Pacific fold.

Bartlett, the bank's Asian loans expert and Jones, the 'Welsh Wonder' of the bond markets, already oversee Australia as well as the rest of Asia excluding Japan. Both will also now run credit origination in Japan reporting to Tokyo-based Bart Broadman. Formerly JPMorgan's global head of derivatives, Broadman became head of the Asia Pacific markets group on the bank's merger with Chase and has recently been made vice chairman under Parks who is based in Hong Kong.

Anirudda (Andy) Roy, who had been running credit origination in Japan since the merger with Chase moves into the strategic development group.

Sales, trading and research for the whole of Asia including Japan was already being run by Chris Nicholas, who also reports to Broadman and is widely considered one of Asia's most experienced and personable bankers in the fixed income field.