The next six to 12 months promise to give investors greater clarity on longer-term prospects for the reform agenda of India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi.

A.K. Sridhar, chief investment officer of IndiaFirst Life Insurance – an onshore joint venture between Bank of Baroda and Legal & General – tells AsianInvestor why he believes there is more to come from the government.

He says Modi's intentions, combined with a good monsoon and a slump in oil prices, will be a boon for the nation's current account deficit. Despite a run-up in the stock market, he argues there is still value left in terms of corporate growth.

He highlights the sectors he believes present valuation opportunities and talks about the difference individual identity cards will make to government coffers. He also talks positively about India's mining sector and state plans to clean up the country, impacting spending, employment and tourism.

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