AsianInvestor will host its 12th annual Investment Performance Awards dinner on Thursday, May 23 in Hong Kong. This black-tie gala event is the culmination of a selection process that begins now.

We have three categories for our awards: asset class, markets, and the marquee awards. We encourage pitches from all types of asset managers: public long-only, hedge and private. What counts is your performance, in absolute or risk-adjusted terms, and your ability to provide the best strategies and solutions to Asian clients.

We will announce the winners online over the course of the week of April 29-May 3. 

For public markets, we will shortlist candidates based on third-party sources of institutional fund performance data. Candidates must show top-ranked performance in absolute or risk-adjusted terms over one, three or five years to be shortlisted. We will contact shortlisted candidates by mid-March and request submissions be filed by April 12. The earlier you submit, the sooner we can arrange follow-up calls or interviews, if deemed necessary by AsianInvestor. The public market categories are:

  • Global fixed income, hedged
  • Global fixed income, unhedged
  • Emerging-market debt
  • Japan fixed income
  • Asian fixed income, US dollar
  • Asian fixed income, local currency
  • Chinese domestic fixed income
  • CNH bonds
  • Global equity
  • Emerging-market equity
  • Japan equity
  • Asia ex-Japan equity
  • China A-shares equity
  • Real-estate investment trusts

For alternative strategies, we will provide one overall award for the best-performing hedge fund, as well as the best launches in private equity and other private strategies.

  • Hedged strategy
  • Best launch: private equity
  • Best launch: Real estate (private)
  • Best launch: Infrastructure
  • Best launch: Alternative fund of funds

We invite submissions from businesses with local licenses and locally domiciled investment products (regardless of whether the applicant company is headquartered locally or overseas) to compete to be named their market’s Fund House of the Year.

We welcome submissions from managers of long-only, public, hedge and private funds.

To request a pitch document, please contact us at [email protected]. The deadline for receiving pitches is Friday, April 12. The sooner you submit, the sooner we can arrange any follow-up call or interview, as deemed necessary by AsianInvestor.

The markets for which we are recognising the best fund houses are:

  • Australia
  • China
  • China offshore (mainland-based companies operating in Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

To request a pitch document, please email [email protected].

For awards recognising clients, we welcome self-nominations and third-party nominations or suggestions. AsianInvestor will also shortlist candidates based on our own market insights.

  • Asset owner of the year – an institutional investor (sovereign wealth fund, central bank, pension fund, endowment, insurance company, etc) that has demonstrated market-leading standards, improved governance and good investment performance.
  • Consumer bank of the year
  • Insurance company of the year
  • Private bank of the year

(Distributor awards go to organisations that have demonstrated the greatest commitment to marketing investment products at the wholesale level in a manner suitable for its clientele.)

We have a number of marquee awards designed to bring out the best in asset management. We welcome pitches from all managers, regardless of country of origin, business model or investment strategy, so long as the pitch relates to managing and servicing clients, retail or institutional (or both), based in Asia-Pacific.

The deadline for pitch submissions is Friday, April 12. We will conduct interviews in Hong Kong during the week of April 15-19. The sooner you submit your pitch, the sooner we can line up an interview time that suits your schedule.

  • Best business development – To the firm raising assets from Asian clients based on superior organisation, product, performance and/or execution
  • Best retail product – To the firm introducing a product for retail investors in Asia that is innovative, tailored for Asian clients, and successful
  • Best ETF manager – To the firm with not only a successful Asia business but one that is helping grow the pie for ETFs and their investors
  • Best investor education program – To the firm doing the most to improve the quality of investor and distributor knowledge and ability to choose
  • Best institutional product/strategy – To the firm introducing a product for institutional investors in Asia that is innovative, tailored for local clients, and successful
  • Institutional solutions provider – To the firm that provides the best products, services, strategies and/or tools to enable Asian institutions to meet their investment challenges
  • Asia fund house of the year – To the best overall fund house based in Asia Pacific, recognised for a combination of business strategy, execution, investment performance, asset gathering, innovation and success
  • Asset manager of the year – To the best overall asset-management firm, global or local, that demonstrates the best combination of business strategy, execution, investment performance, asset gathering, innovation and success

For pitch documents, please email [email protected].

We look forward to engaging with you. Good luck… See you on May 23rd?