Institutional Excellence Awards: winners by proficiency

AsianInvestor unveils the winners of its third annual Institutional Excellence Awards. In the last of three announcements, we reveal the outstanding asset owners by area of proficiency.
Institutional Excellence Awards: winners by proficiency

AsianInvestor today announces the final set of recipients of its third annual Institutional Excellence Awards, designed to recognise both best practice and improving standards among asset owners across Asia Pacific.

Today's set of awards reveal the winning organisations by areas of proficiency or expertise. These categories recognise institutions that excel consistently in fundamental areas. Although it is difficult to model one asset owner on another because of local conditions, we believe these institutions do indeed offer a useful template for others to study.

We announced the winners by country/sub-region on Monday and the winners by institutional category yesterday.

Our choice of outstanding asset owners this year by areas of proficiency are as follows:

Government Pension Investment Fund (Japan)

National Pension Service (Korea)

Bureau of Labor Funds (Taiwan)

Environmental, social and governance                                    
New Zealand Superannuation Fund

Individual contribution to institutional investment                  
To be announced on the night of the awards dinner

To decide on the recipients of these awards, our editorial team canvassed executives at fund management firms, consultancies, banks and other service providers to generate a shortlist of asset owners deserving of recognition. We then engaged directly with these institutions. AsianInvestor would like to thank the many people throughout the region who helped us for their time and candour.

The awards seek to emphasise excellence and improvement, rather than solely trying to identify which organisations are 'the best' or have 'the best performance'. Such labels are almost impossible to quantify in a region with asset owners as diverse as diverse as Asia Pacific, and fail to consider the long-term objectives that most of these investors must consider.

In some cases the awards recognise incremental improvements in a given market. In other cases they are meant to highlight best-in-class organisations at a regional or global level. Our focus particularly emphasised fund governance, the internal capabilities of the asset owner, and its ability to adapt to long-term changes in market return expectations.

All award recipients will be invited to attend our Institutional Excellence Awards black-tie dinner on Wednesday, November 30 at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia in Singapore. This will run in conjunction with our two-day annual Southeast Asia Institutional Investment Forum at the same venue.

Complete write-ups explaining our decisions and profiling these institutions will appear online in the coming weeks, and will be presented in the December print edition of AsianInvestor.

For details on attending our Institutional Excellence Awards dinner, please contact AsianInvestor's commercial director, Terry Rayner, at [email protected] or +852 3175 1963.

For more information about the institutional investment conference, please contact AsianInvestor's head of conferences, Alastair Hills, at [email protected] or +852 3175 1986.

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