Important changes to your service

AsianInvestor is moving to a registration-only service for its daily coverage in order to better understand what our readers want. It is free and will take no longer than 60 seconds to apply.
Important changes to your service

AsianInvestor has prided itself on the depth and independence of its editorial coverage, both in digital and print formats, since its founding in 2000.

As the media industry undergoes its own evolution, AsianInvestor is determined to stay ahead of the competition by keeping pace with technological advances. Hence we plan to redesign and tailor our offering to better suit your needs.

In order to make our digital offering as relevant to you as possible, we are moving to a model that requires all readers to register to access our website. The registration is free and will take no longer than 60 seconds to complete.

The structure remains the same. Readers will still be able to access our articles free for 48 hours, with our limit set at 20 articles per month. Beyond that our readers will be required to subscribe to our service, starting from October 12.

Our intention by asking you to register is that your ID will allow us to create a dynamic heat map of the needs of investors and the asset management community. We want to better understand what it is you are interested in, to better inform our coverage and enable us to make it more relevant for you.

Please take just 60 seconds to register now by clicking on this link. All readers must register before Monday, October 12. Thereafter only subscribers and those who have registered will be able to use our service.

If you have already registered, or if you are a current subscriber, you do not need to do anything additionally. Please note that all personal email domains such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc cannot be used to register for AsianInvestor’s service.

We welcome your comments and seek your feedback on ways you believe we can improve our digital offering. You can contact us directly on [email protected] to express your views.

Leigh Powell

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