Good morning Vietnam property fund

ProtegoÆs new real estate fund plans to raise $200 million for residential property development in Vietnam.
Protego Real Estate Investors is launching the Protego Qudos Vietnam Property Fund. It plans to raise $200 million to invest initially in five high-end residential projects in Vietnam.

It is an eight-year, closed-end fund denominated in US dollars that targets returns of 25% net. There is no leverage planned at the project level.

The majority of the planned projects are urban developments. Just 10% of the portfolio will be allocated to seaside villa and resort-style developments. The principal project is a condominium block in Ho Chi Minh City, which will account for around 50% of the initial $200 million investment target. The full capital investment period is estimated at six to 12 months.

The Protego projects are aimed at wealthy locals. Urban developments are priced at approximately $5,000 plus per square metre for high-quality urban Ho Chi Minh flats and $1,500 to $6,000 for upscale villas.

ôResidential is the least volatile real estate segment in Vietnam and we can commence pre-sales after we build the foundations,ö says Charles Weeks, the head of new business development at Protego Real Estate Investors. ôOur investor profile is institutional real estate investors in the UK and Europe.ö

Management fees are 2% and the performance fee, after a 10% hurdle, is 20% up to a fund return of 20% and a 30% fee accruing on any higher returns. This includes a clawback provision. The fundÆs performance fees only accrue on cash realisations and not on surveyorÆs revaluations.

Protego's partners within the fund are Qudos Asia Limited, a Vietnam-based real estate developer, and its sister company, HBP Group, a local project and construction management firm.
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