Citibank launches QDII product with 11 funds

The funds are launched in partnership with BlackRock Merrill Lynch Investment Managers.
Citibank (China) Company has launched a new qualified domestic institutional investors (QDII) product in partnership with BlackRock Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, the Merrill Lynch International Investment Funds Series.

The Citibank QDII product consists of 11 mutual funds grouped under three themes, which the company says reflect current market focus and the needs of Chinese investors.

The themes are emerging markets, natural selection, and global markets.

ôThese QDII products present a full basket of selections of mutual funds for individual investors in China, from which they can build their own investment portfolio based on their own preference and risk appetite,ö says Anand Selva, executive vice president at the consumer group of Citibank (China) Company.

Included in the emerging markets selection are the MLIIF Emerging Markets Fund, the MLIIF Asian Dragon Fund, the MLIIF Latin American Fund, and the MLIIF India Fund.

Included in the natural resources selection are the MLIIF World Mining Fund, the MLIIF World Energy Fund, the MLIIF New Energy Fund, and the MLIIF World Gold Fund.

Included in the global markets selection are the MLIIF Global Allocation Fund, the MLIIF Global Dynamic Equity Fund, the MLIIF Global Enhanced Equity Yield Fund.

The latest offering brings CitibankÆs QDII products to 26 funds in multiple currencies.

Citibank is Blackrock's first partner in China to offer direct investments in the company's funds through the QDII scheme.
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