AsianInvestor performance awards: Calling for submissions

We kick-off the process for the 2010 Investment Performance Awards. Here’s what to expect, and what we need from you.
AsianInvestor performance awards: Calling for submissions

AsianInvestor is gearing up for its annual Investment Performance Awards, recognising the best in long-only and alternative asset management worldwide, as well as highlighting trend-setters in institutional investing and distribution.

Winners will receive their awards at our black-tie dinner in Hong Kong on Wednesday, May 19, so mark your calendars. Most winners will be announced online in late April, but some of our marquee award recipients and other prize winners will remain secret until the event.

Most awards are based on performance data culled from independent sources, which is used to generate a short list (our quant screening), followed by a pitch process -- the pick. This includes both long-only and alternative strategies. You'll find the list at the bottom, but we're afraid that when it comes to these awards, "don't call us, we'll call you". No special favours, sorry!

There are, however, some awards where we encourage you to nominate yourself. Click on the relevant link below to get more information. All submissions are due by Friday, April 9.

First, our marquee awards:

Manager of the year - alternative investments (click here)
Manager of the year (click here)

Second, our onshore fund house and ETF awards (click here):

MPF Master Trust (Hong Kong)
Malaysia - Islamic investments
Middle East
ETFs (onshore provider)
ETFs (Asia provider)

Third, alternative asset manager awards (click here) for:

Private equity
Real estate
Fund of hedge funds
Fund of private equity funds

Fourth, we are taking nominations for client awards:

Institutional investor of the year
Best distributor - securities broker
Best distributor - consumer bank
Best distributor - private bank
Best distributor - insurance company
Best placement agent, alternative products

If you think your organisation is the best asset manager or the best player in alternatives, or yours is the best fund house in an onshore market, or you want to suggest a distributor or an institution for our marquee client awards, then please contact us at [email protected].

Now, to let you know what else we're working on, here is the list of the other awards. Again, we've already drawn up short lists for these and are not accepting unsolicited pitches.

Global equity
Global equity, socially responsible
Global equity, sustainability themes
Global fixed income, hedged
Global fixed income, unhedged
Global fixed income, inflation-linked
Emerging market equity
Emerging market debt
US equity large cap core
US equity enhanced
US equity small cap
US fixed income core
US fixed income mortgage-backed
US fixed income high yield
US fixed income investment grade
Japan equity
Japan fixed income
Europe equity (includes UK)
Eurozone fixed income
Asia ex-Japan equity
Hong Kong equity
Singapore equity
Hong Kong balanced funds
Asia fixed income
Reits, global
Reits, Asia

Alternative investments: Hedge funds
Asia ex-Japan
Greater China
Equity long/short
Distressed/special situations
CTA/managed futures
Fixed income
New launch

One last thing: In the autumn, we conduct a separate set of awards for service providers to the buy side, including custody, trading & execution, prime broking, indices, and auditing & legal.