Glyn Treasure is the new general manager of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) in Hong Kong. He has taken the place of Jo Orgill who left last year to join Samsung Securities.

He used to work as the chief operating officer at Hong Kong-based hedge fund Nine Masts Capital where he was one of the co-founders. The fund launched in May 2010 and he left in July 2010 for personal reasons.

Treasure came to Asia in 1995 with Bankers Trust where he worked as a product accountant. He then did market risk management at Barclays. Next, he joined Citi as an internal auditor, before transferring internally to Citi’s business management team where he sorted out the infrastructure of the rates business.

After that he worked for Bear Stearns, where he was a member of the new business implementation team, which later mutated into JP Morgan. Shoe-horned in between these jobs, he spent a year in Beijing learning Chinese.

He now works with AIMA’s global CEO Andrew Baker, who is based in London, and with the chapter’s local chairman FrontPoint’s Christophe Lee.

AIMA now has 100 hedge fund members in Hong Kong, and about 50 service provider members. Their last drink-up brought out a crowd of 150 for the free booze and nibbles.