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Anil Wadhwani has joined Prudential as group CEO from Manulife Asia; GIC’s private equity investment looks beyond definitive ESG; Family offices show strong interest in alternative investments; Southeast Asia: the next hotbed for digital infrastructure investing; New private pension scheme could open up Chinese assets to foreign insurers; and more.
May's most read: Manulife Asia CEO takes top job at Prudential; Family offices take renewed interest in private credit and real estate
Due to a lack of standards, investors have been left largely to their own devices to sieve out non ESG-friendly assets; How Jang Dong-Hun established a resilient portfolio at Korea's Public Officials Benefit Association (Poba); Allianz targets Chinese real assets despite Evergrande; ESG drives thematic ETF interest after record inflows in 2021; Market Views: How can RCEP benefit investments in Asia?
January's most read: Investors seek better disclosure for thematic investing; The CIO who overhauled a $15 billion pension portfolio
The former CIO of China Pacific Insurance Co (CPIC) had left the insurer in September for family reasons; select names in the HK stock market should show decent performances, while the overall market sentiment is expected to pick up after the first quarter; positive but moderate returns are still expected from US equities, while the pace of policy normalisation and economic growth is closely watched; and more
December’s most read: Benjamin Deng to join Ping An; HK equity outlook 2022
Evergrande not the first debt debacle in China, but its $305 billion debt, if unpaid, will have a ripple effect on the economy; ESG-friendly crypto products becoming hot commodities for institutional investors; GIC sees no systemic risk in Evergrande crisis, but Soros Fund presses pause on China; Which assets will perform under stagflation?; Family offices taking ESG into their own hands as regulators play catch up; and more.
October's most read: What next as Evergrande misses second coupon payment; ESG-friendly crypto emerging as institutional demand surges