Beyond Profit: How effective sustainability measurement will take Asian bond portfolios to the next level

Despite its strong growth in the past year, the long-term success of sustainable bonds in Asia relies on greater disclosure and a clear, data-driven investment process to assess and measure the impact of proceeds, according to Angus Hui, head of Asian and emerging market credit, Asian fixed income at Schroders. In this Beyond Profit series, Schroders explores sustainability in various investment aspects.

Three 'Ps' that make your sustainable investing the ‘real deal’

Although sustainable funds have seen increasing inflows amid growing environmental awareness and the spotlight on social issues due to Covid-19, the industry still lacks a standard definition of sustainable investing. Nicholette MacDonald-Brown, head of European blend equities at Schroders, explains the firm’s three-pronged approach of people, process and purpose.

Green and ESG bonds: what’s behind their rise?

The past year has seen something of a growth spurt for green bonds, with the market heading toward the $1 trillion milestone, according to data from the Climate Bonds Initiative and Bloomberg. It has also seen the emergence of social bonds, used for social investments with aims such as expanding access to healthcare and education. As well as significant government bond launches, there has been increased issuance from the corporate sector and from a wider range of businesses and industries.