Weiner-Trapness becoming JPMorgan's new FIG head

Von Moltke to return to the US; and recent Goldman hire, Helge Weiner-Trapness to take over.

In a major personnel change, JPMorgan's highly regarded head of the Financial Institutions Group (FIG), James Von Moltke (below left) is to relocate to the US at the end of the year. He will be replaced by Helge Weiner-Trapness, the long time Goldman banker that joined JPMorgan in January.

Weiner-Trapness will move over from his position as co-head of general industries to takeover the FIG group, which has won FinanceAsia's Best FIG house award two years running under Von Moltke. It is one of JPMorgan's most profitable operations in Asia.

Von Moltke, who is reckoned to be a motivational team leader, will go to the US to co-head North American corporate finance within the US financial institutions group. He will handover to Weiner Trapness in the new year, drawing to a close his successful four years in Asia. The reason for the handover period of almost three months is to allow Weiner-Trapness to settle into the new and demanding role.

Weiner-Trapness (below right) has never worked in FIG before, and is aware that he has a steep learning curve. "I have spent my whole career being put into new areas and I love the process of learning about industries. With JPMorgan it is particularly exciting because we have this massive platform that is really now starting to work as one unit. Nowhere is that more true than the FIG group."

He adds: "James has created a tremendous team and that is something I hope to build on."

For more on Weiner-Trapness, his career and why he chose to be an investment banker rather than a professional downhill skier, see this month's "Who Is" column in the September issue of FinanceAsia magazine.

Helge Weiner Trapness

James Von Moltke

Helge Weiner-Trapness