Smart beta, applying passive methodologies to make active investment decisions, is becoming increasingly attractive to many investors.

The strides in data analytics over the past decade have brought low-cost solutions to investors like never before. But the passive, market-beta nature of these products still requires an active mentality around risk budgeting and asset allocation – hence the “smart”.

Five specialists joined AsianInvestor to discuss how smart beta strategies are evolving, what investors must do in order to understand and implement them, and the ways smart beta can both reduce portfolio volatility while improving risk-adjusted returns.

In addition, we ask the live registered audience about their attitudes toward smart beta, and take questions emailed to us during the broadcast. To listen to the conversation, please click here.

Participants include Chris Tse, Asia director at FTSE Group, and Kevin Hardy, head of beta strategies in Asia Pacific at BlackRock. Joining them are Jane Leung, head of iShares in Asia, Li Feifei, head of product and research at Research Affiliates in the US, and Paul Colwell, senior investment consultant at Towers Watson. The discussion was moderated by Jame DiBiasio from Haymarket Financial Media.