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Video: hedge funds prioritise returns and efficiency, says GSAM

The 2018 AsianInvestor Liquidity Survey across Asia-Pacific has revealed an ever-sharper focus by hedge funds on optimising returns and keeping operational processes as clean and efficient as possible, explains Lauren Oakes of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.
Video: hedge funds prioritise returns and efficiency, says GSAM

Hedge funds in Asia-Pacific have two priorities right now: first, taking a more dynamic approach to cash management in a bid to drive returns amid rising interest rates; and secondly, integrating technology-led solutions to maximise efficiencies and minimise effort.

This is according to Lauren Oakes, London-based head of international liquidity solutions client business at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM). She was commenting on the latest AsianInvestor Liquidity Survey, supported by the asset manager, where over 100 investors from hedge funds contributed.

Within these two main observations, Oakes reveals some key findings in a video interview:

  • The preference for money market funds to manage surplus cash
  • An emerging interest in ETFs and variable NAV products
  • Optimism about the role of asset management products in cash management going forward
  • The growing use of technology to reduce human risk when investing, for example by integrating platforms to better automate trading, settlement and reporting

Click below to watch the video, and click here to view the full results of the survey, which appear in the April/May 2018 issue of AsianInvestor magazine.


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