Schroders mafia continues at MTR

Could anyone but an ex-Schroders banker hold the finance director position at MTR?

It's official, the Schroders mafia are taking over corporate Hong Kong. With three ex-Schroders bankers on the board of China Light & Power, and Clement Kwok becoming CEO of Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, the trend was set.

Now, Hong Kong's most prestigious borrower, MTR has announced that Lincoln Leong will become finance director from February. Leong was at Schroders between 1991 and 1997 and was head of corporate finance.

Clement Kwok was also from Schroders.

Leong also worked at Lehman Brothers between 1997 and 1999 before going briefly joining a direct investment company called Capital Z Asia.

Investment bankers don't know much about Leong. Odds are they are currently researching whether he likes golf as much as Clement Kwok.