AsianInvestor magazine hosted a black-tie gala dinner at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong last Friday evening to celebrate its sixth annual Achievement Awards. Three hundred people attended the event, which also raised over HK$55,000 for the Gap Foundation via a raffle. AsianInvestor, George Long and Stirling Finance sponsored raffle prizes.

The Gap Foundation was created by a circle of Hong Kong-based investors and bankers, including Kay Lee, who ran Tiger Asia Capital, a dedicated Korea equity strategy. The group established the Gap Fengcheng Children's School for disadvantaged children in northeast China, and Lee has retired from finance to lead the school and work with the kids. Several firms attending the dinner have also pledged additional contributions. For more information, contact Lee at [email protected].

The dinner was followed by standup schtick from AsianInvestor editor Jame DiBiasio and a performance by the African Drumming & Dance Connection. Nick Lord, managing director at Heidrick & Struggles, served as master of ceremonies. The table sponsored by Marco Polo Pure Investments won the extremely challenging quiz, with each table member receiving a bottle of Veuve Cliquot.

Jin Yingzi, deputy director-general of China's National Council for Social Security Fund, accepted the Institutional Investor of the Year award on behalf of the SSF. Congratulations to all of the winners. In the coming days we will provide a platform from which all photos from the dinner, of which the following are a selection, can be downloaded for free.

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