AsianInvestor hosted the 4th Art of Asset Management Forum on May 19 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Hong Kong.

The forum kicked off with a CEO roundtable, where fund executives discussed their biggest concerns and where they saw opportunities for growth.

Paul Smith, chief executive of the CFA Institute, then gave a provocative presentation to the forum audience. He said that the structure of the investment management industry is inappropriate and does not create a satisfactory outcome for the client; thus the industry needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.


A panel then discussed the retail market, considering various distribution models, changing sales approaches and different strategies being used by fund managers.


The forum audience heard from Subha Hari, partner at Shift, on how asset managers can strengthen their brands. This was followed by a presentation from Stephen Baron, deputy director for strategic solutions at Shanghai-based consultancy Z-Ben Advisors, who discussed China's upcoming regulatory changes, including the prospect of Hong Kong receiving a fresh RQFII quota.


The forum came to a close with a COO roundtable, where executives discussed the influence of financial technology on prime brokers' business and how fintech is likely to be their main competition in the future.


Forum guests then enjoyed a cocktail reception and a closing dinner.

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