One minute with: Heman Wong, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Heman Wong, who oversees investments and operations for Hong Kong's Hospital Authority Provident Fund Scheme, talks about his liking for English culture and obsession with coffee.
One minute with: Heman Wong, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Heman Wong is executive director of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Provident Fund Scheme, overseeing its investment and operational activities. He joined the institution in December 2007 and has 30 years’ experience in banking and finance, covering investment fund management, treasury operations, fixed income sales and trading. 

Wong has also served as treasurer of Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Bradford University in UK.  

Q What’s your favourite restaurant?

A Kaetsu at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong might be the one I would choose. Japanese sashimi is one of my favourites, and this one is close to my office too. I would have chosen a Chiuchow place, had it not been closed for a long time. That's a restaurant I really miss; the most authentic Chiuchow in Hong Kong and one my father used to take me to.

Q What’s your favourite hotel?

A The Hyatt Regency Churchill [in London's West End], even though I have only stayed there two or three times. I think it is a classic hotel, perhaps because of my preference for English culture. They offer an excellent, buffet-style English breakfast. 

Q Which sport(s) do you enjoy watching and/or playing?

A Basketball, because I used to play a lot when I was young. The other one would be snooker. Though I am not good at it, I like it a lot. When I studied in the UK, I used to watch late-night games to keep me awake while I was studying. 

Q What’s your favourite country and/or city?

Hong Kong. It is so convenient, and of course my family and most of my friends are here. You can get most things done within a day. I remember it took me a week to get my TV licence in UK when I first arrived, so I watched no TV during my first week in my new house.  Of course, back then we did not have the internet, and the only way to apply for it was to send a physical letter.

After Hong Kong, Sydney in Australia, without any doubt. I love Darling Harbour, where I go almost every night whenever I visit Sydney with my wife. I don’t wine, but I would dine there and occasionally enjoy an ice cream cone while walking by the water. Ice cream from Gelatissimo it would be, for those who are familiar with the place. 

Q What’s your favourite hobby?

Mainly reading. I still like to learn and I read the bible every day. I taught myself biblical Greek so if anyone wants to share and discuss with me, they are most welcome. I am also learning the computer language 'R'.

Otherwise, if I should be travelling, my hobby is taking photographs. My new kit is a Leica SL; it's almost perfect, just a bit heavy.

Q What’s the best business book you’ve read?

I like Edward de Buono’s books on thinking. But perhaps, the best ‘just business’ book would be “Money” by [Lawrence] Ritter and [William] Silber, which is on Fed watching.

Q What’s your favourite drink?

Coffee for sure. I drink normally at least two to three cups a day. I might arrive in a hotel at midnight, order a pot of coffee, finish it – and go to sleep in minutes. 

Some say they can’t sleep having drunk coffee after 4pm. I say I couldn’t sleep without having coffee in the day and it could be as late as midnight. I must be a coffee addict.

Q What’s your favourite piece of music?

Symphony number 9 by Beethoven. As it is so lengthy, these days I might just go for the choral section.

Q What do you sing in the shower?

Hymns. But I only sing to myself.

Q Which famous person would you most like to meet, and why?

The Queen [of England]. I would tell her I was borne the year she was crowned [in 1953].

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