Ogier, an offshore legal and fiduciary services provider, has opened new offices in Bahrain and Tokyo. The move is in line with OgierÆs strategy of establishing a significant presence in each of the worldÆs key financial centres and across all time zones.

Ogier pioneered offshore multi-jurisdictional growth when it opened an office in Guernsey in 1998 and established the first Channel Islands law firm. Since then, Ogier merged with Cayman firm Boxalls in 2004 to create the first transatlantic offshore firm, and then merged with British Virgin Islands firm WSmiths in 2007.

Ogier is so far the only offshore firm that has a substantive presence in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey.

ôIn pursuit of our strategy we felt it critically important to establish a strong presence in both the Middle East and Japanese markets so that we can provide the full range of OgierÆs services to our clients in their own time zone and in a manner that is responsive to local conditions and practices,ö says Ogier chairman Jonathan White.

Ogier Tokyo will be headed by Skip Hashimoto, who joins Ogier from another offshore law firm in Japan. Skip, who is fluent in Japanese and English, has more than 12 years experience working in the Japanese market including six years at Deutsche Bank and brings extensive structured finance and investment funds expertise.

OgierÆs Tokyo office will provide Japanese clients with direct access to OgierÆs global network of offices and professional services in their own time zone. Japan-based clients will particularly benefit from OgierÆs Hong Kong office, where legal professionals practice Cayman and British Virgin Islands law.

Ogier Bahrain will be headed up by Paul Perris, who moved to Bahrain from OgierÆs offices in Jersey. Perris, a chartered secretary with 15 years experience in offshore professional services, will spearhead the marketing of OgierÆs services to the Middle East region. The establishment of Ogier Bahrain comes weeks after Ogier launched a new joint venture in Bahrain with professional services firm Keypoint Consulting, targeting Bahraini Trusts.

Ogier employs more than 800 professional and support staff. The group has a presence in 11 jurisdictions around the world, namely, Bahrain, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jersey, London, Montevideo, New Zealand and Tokyo.