Enhanced Investment Products (EIP), a Hong Kong-based asset management firm, has re-hired Howard Ng in the role of director working on its trading desk. EIP runs an enhanced investment platform for access to Asian emerging markets.

Ng started his career in trading at Jardine Fleming in 1998 working with the current CEO of EIP, Tobias Bland. In 2001, he joined Dresdner Bank and then JPMorgan.

Bland established EIP in 2002 and invited Ng to join for his first stint at the firm, where he stayed for four years before leaving for BNP to run a new proprietary book.

The plan is now to use NgÆs experience in proprietary trading to grow EIPÆs Overlay Fund. EIP currently has two products û long-only investors buy an exchange traded fund. That ETF has a captive stock lending arrangement with EIPÆs market neutral hedge fund. The latter gives 25% of its positive performance back to the index funds in return for a captive borrowing ability from the shares in the fund, giving them access to shorting opportunities which would otherwise be very hard, expensive or impossible to source. This market neutral arbitrage fund is highly uncorrelated to the market, at around 0.17. The EIP Overlay Fund has eight strategy buckets including delta arbitrage, stat arbitrage, stub trading, relative value, and share class arbitrage.

The size of the fund is approximately $300 million. In the first six months of 2008 it is up 10.19%.