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This Month
On the move

04    On the move
        DeAWM names Asia CIO; UBS Global AM hires Japan chief; BNPP IP restructures
06    An alternative way to access European alternative investors
07    Regulatory Roundup
        HK SFC cuts fund approval-lapse time; AIFMD bottlenecks tipped; new Vietnam foreign-ownership rules
08    Data Centre
        The landscape for ETPs

Asset Owners
12    Developing family office version 2.0
        Family office executives discuss the evolution of their industry, highlighting the growing need for corporate finance expertise and the rise of peer networks.
18    Q&A with Tomonari Kadoumi, Sumitomo Life
20    KIC CEO and CIO moves; family office Thirdrock expands; Taiwan state pensions issues risk RFPs

22    India’s changing relationship with wealth
        India’s high-net-worth population is engaging more with wealth managers, but industry growth is hard to see.
24    Barclays on fixed income advisory buildout; Korea prioritises online fund sales

Fund Managers
26    Five hurdles for Year of the Horse
        The key factors that asset managers in Asia need to get right if they are to be first past the winning post this year.
32    China’s funds industry is about to be revolutionised by internet finance.
36    Neuberger Berman sets post-crisis standard
38    Will sector ETFs take off in Asia?
42    Target-date funds touted, but doubted
44    India’s funds industry has been dwarfed by China’s
47    Value Partners opens in Singapore; Amundi setting up Thai office; Fullerton expands into Japan

Alternative Investments
50    Hope surfaces for hedge funds survival
        Achieving scale remains the chief challenge for small funds. Yet those of size can’t grow due to capacity constraints.
54    Private equity firms move into private lending.
56    Q&A with Andrew Affleck of Armstrong Asset Management
58    Hedge funds bearish on China; Mizuho-Partners Group team up; PE deal flow tipped to rise

Asset Services
60    Openings multiply in China and Korea
        Asset servicers see growing opportunities offered by rising Chinese and Korean interest in offshore investments.
62    Operations manager: Genio van der Schaft of APG Asset Management
64    BNY Mellon expands SMA platform; London-China recognition deal talk dismissed
65    Trader talk: Atul Joglekar, Tata Asset Management

66    Seeking the next safe haven
        Tapering took centre stage at our fifth annual Southeast Asia Forum, flanked by debate around Abenomics and China state reforms.

68    Bookend
        Introduction to the Hong Kong Basic Law, by Danny Gittings.