Asia Pacific's asset owners have become more deliberative in their investment plans for the coming year, but there is a widening divergence in these plans, with some seeing more investment opportunities and others preparing for tougher times ahead.

That was the key takeaway from AsianInvestor's latest AI300 survey, which is sponsored by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The survey was based on responses from 97 of the 300 largest institutional investors in the region, according to our annual AI300 ranking. While many banks and non-banks appear to believe there is more performance to be had in equity markets and alternatives, others were planning to reduce their equity exposures and retreat to safer forms of credit. 

In addition, we asked these investors questions about their level of engagement with environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles when it comes to their investing plans. The level of respondent engagement with ESG, at least in some manner, was encouraging. 

You can find the full results from the survey, along with a detailed analysis, by clicking this link.