Agem Capital Management today announced that an offshore arm of the Mayfair, London-based advisory boutique will be at the helm of the first rounds of private placements for Endeavour Capital, the leading New-Zealand-based private equity company chaired by Neville Jordan, a globally acclaimed venture capitalist. The executive chairman of Endeavour, who has conducted a very successful IPO on the NASDAQ main board and managed a number of lucrative venture capital funds and companies, recently made available $200 million investment capital from Asia and the Gulf States for follow-on funding into growth companies.

”Strategically complementing Endeavour’s momentum in Asia, we are delighted that our London office has been mandated to introduce the equity securities of the Germany-based sustainable investment vehicle of Endeavour Capital to a next-generation Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) platform in order to offer exit liquidity to Endeavour's investors in a prime European capital market," said Agem Capital's CEO, Peter Solymar.

Endeavour's investment policy is focused on innovative companies requiring funding for “follow-on” purposes. This is the stage where companies have proven they can thrive but need serious funds for ongoing research, business expansion and international growth. Companies seeking the investment will need to demonstrate that they have proven management teams, understand governance and risk mitigation and deliver products or services that would benefit from offshore distribution networks, making good use of present and future Free Trade Agreements and the substantial markets of Asia and beyond.

On the buy-side, Agem Capital is exclusively authorised by Endeavour to qualify companies seeking the investment outside of New Zealand and Australia, with the exception of Germany, China and the West Coast USA, where the Endeavour team will directly oversee applications. ”Here at Agem, our focus will be the most dynamically growing markets of certain European, Asian, American and African countries and of course Russia and the CIS region. Endeavour’s team has more experience elsewhere, such as in California, China or Germany, and especially in New Zealand, where Neville is a local patriot," commented Solymar from Agem.

Endeavour's chairman Jordan went on to say: “The new capital being offered helps fill the need for significant funding beyond the capacity and policies of angel investors and many of the local venture capital sources. There are continuing demands for companies to be innovative in their products and services but funding options available to these companies tend to lag behind in the innovation stakes. For example, 10-year closed end funds with annual management fees are no longer very popular as forward-looking investors are now very interested in large syndications with potential social impact initiatives.”

The opportunity may be especially interesting in terms of New Zealand residency benefits for private investors investigating global citizenship through suitable investment programs. Agem Capital in conjunction with Endeavour in New Zealand is presently making available consultancy resources to provide assistance to those interested in this special value-added feature of participating in the next investment projects.

About Agem Capital Management Ltd.: Agem supplies value creating management services and alternative capital market solutions for foreign companies and investment firms. The company is based in Mayfair, London, with an overseas branch recently opening in Wellington, New Zealand, in close cooperation with the Endeavour Capital group.

About Endeavour Capital Limited: Endeavour Capital  provides funding and complementary management and governance resources to expansion-stage companies. The team is well proven and internationally recognised for working with both private and government organisations.