ABN AMRO has appointed Henk Mulder as its country executive for Indonesia to oversee and further strengthen the bank's franchise in the country. He will also head the bank's commercial banking operation in Indonesia.

He was previously the bank's deputy country manager between 1993 and 1995. "I'm delighted to be returning to Indonesia at such an exciting time," he says. "We've all seen that Asia in general is in growth mode and Indonesia specifically is an interesting market in which to work. It has a vast population and great potential considering the Indonesian banking sector is poised for massive growth."

The government took over dozens of Indonesian banks after the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis in a costly recapitalisation programme. In recent months, it has sought to sell off many of those banks.

The result of the consolidation efforts is more opportunities for strong banks - which is precisely what ABN AMRO is honing in on. "By providing an integrated service and product offering, ABN AMRO is better able to meet local clients' needs, positioning us very well for further growth," Mulder argues.

With a rapidly-growing middle class that is making increasingly sophisticated use of financial products, Mulder says Indonesia also offers significant opportunities in consumer banking. Mulder joined ABN AMRO in 1982 and was previously the bank's country executive for Romania, prior to which he held similar positions for ABN AMRO in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.