As part of a series of interviews with asset owners conducted in conjunction with State Street Global Advisors, AsianInvestor spoke to Heman Wong, who oversees investments and operations for Hong Kong’s $7 billion Hospital Authority Provident Fund.  

He told AsianInvestor about the impact of negative interest rates on his portfolios and that a major concern is how long negative interest rates might persist for.

In the video interview, he also explained how equity risk had been his main concern recently, noting that the institution recently handed out a $200 million smart-beta low-volatility mandate to help cope with stock-market turbulence.

Asked about the fast-liberalising Chinese markets, Wong expressed a preference for mainland shares over bonds, but was positive about the onshore debt market’s potential.

Other areas covered during the discussion included alternative investments and emerging markets. A full Q&A feature with Wong will appear in the July issue of AsianInvestor

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