AsianInvestor has embarked on a research project to identify the top 100 asset management companies by assets invested in Asia Pacific.

Through this venture, which we believe to be the first categorisation of its kind, we aim to underline how fund houses weigh this region versus the rest of the world. In other words, are they just paying lip-service to Asia as a great growth opportunity, or are they putting real money to work here?

The main list of 100 firms we have compiled is based on absolute AUM numbers, although we also break out derivative lists, such as the leading global fund firms invested in Asia by percentage of global assets.

We will publish our lists in full in the forthcoming June edition of AsianInvestor magazine, with an accompanying write-up. But we are giving our online readers an early taster, revealing a new segment from our top 100 list each week, in descending order.

Below is the third round of figures, firms ranked 71-80, featuring five Asian firms (from China, India, Taiwan and Thailand), one Asian-western joint venture and four global houses. This compares to numbers 81-90 and 91-100, which were dominated by Asian companies.